Main Courses

Cheese & Tomato Pizza – £3.85

Additional Toppings* – £0.30 each Pepperoni, Ham, Sweetcorn, Mushroom, Onion, Pineapple, Olives or Chicken

Crispy Chicken – £4.25

Chicken fillet pieces in a crispy coating, served with sweetcorn or baked beans + skinny fries

Sizzling Sausages – £4.25

Pork sausages with sweetcorn or baked beans + skinny fries

Pasta Bolognese – £3.85

Our homemade bolognese mixed with freshly cooked pasta.

Macaroni Cheese – £3.75

Macaroni pasta in our four cheese sauce topped with grated red cheddar.



Top Hat Sundae – £2.50

Mini Marshmallows, raspberry sauce, vanilla ice cream topped with a cone ‘hat’

Ice Cream Sundae- £1.35

Mini Oreo Sundae – £2.95




Tango Ice Blast – £2.55

Raspberry, Cherry or Mixed

Capri-Sun – £1.45

Blackcurrant or Tropical

Flavoured Milk – £1.60

Strawberry, Chocolate or Banana

Refillable Diluting Juice* – £1.25

Orange or Blackcurrant

*only available for under 9 year olds when ordered with a kids meal.

*£0.45 each for any additional topping not listed